Introducing iNetQCheck for the iPhone and iPod Touch  

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How many times have you experienced frustratingly poor connection speed only for a speed test to report a good result?

Simple speed measurements in a glossy format may look cool but such tests seldom help to identify connection problems that affect applications. iNetQCheck is an iPhone/iPod Touch application designed to measure a connection’s application data flow quality not just provide a simple speed reading as most speed testers do.

Accurately measuring the quality and speed of the packet flow, enables iNetQCheck to quickly identify problems that affect applications. Such problems include data loss, extended TCP window delays, regulation events and data corruption or duplication.

iNetQCheck Pro adds:

•  Identification and analysis of packet flow health problems that impact application service
•  Ability for MyConnection Server users to test connections to their server location

iNetQCheck uses the MyConnection Server analysis portal to examine the results and identify what issues are affecting the connection providing clear explanations to help users understand what the issues are.

NetQCheckTM, is the underlying technology used by iNetQCheck. This is a well proven technology that is used in large enterprise network management applications using MyConnection Server by Visualware Inc. NetQCheck is also designed as an OEM technology to support  user developed applications on a wide variety of devices including handhelds, such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows MobileTM, Blackberry, Symbian based handsets, Routers, Firewalls, VoIP phones, video phones and other commercial platforms like WindowsTM and the many varieties of Linux/Unix.

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